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Agriculture Flash Air Dryer Suppliers
January 3, 2020
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Hammer Mill Machine in India
January 8, 2020
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Electric Wood Chipper

Ronak Engineering is a leading Electric Wood Chipper Manufacturer in India. The company exports its products to various countries in the world. We at Ronak Engineering are focusing on protecting the Natural Resources of Energy by preserving them for the next generation.

For the goal, we have developed Bio Mass Briquetting Plant which uses some of the waste and unused material to manufacture a new source of energy.

wood chipper is a machine used for crushing wood, generally tree logs or branches, into smaller woodchips. They are often portable, being mounted on wheels on frame suitable for the various working environments.

There are two kinds of Wood Chipper Electric according to structure design:

  • Disc-type wood chipper
    • Disc wood chipper is usually used in papermaking industries for it’s mainly processed wood logs
  • Drum-type wood chipper
    • drum wood chipper can process both wood logs and agro stalks in various sizes


  • Wood logs with max diameter from 25-100 cm can be processed smoothly.
  • The processed chip’s length can be freely adjusted.
  • Equipped with blades, the chipper can guarantee an efficient working procedure.
  • Drum wood chippers can process both wood material and agro stalks.
01 Production Capacity 1000 — 1500 Kgs P/H
02 Diameter of Rotor 24″ OD (610 mm)
03 Diameter of Shaft 63 mm (Round)
04 Ball Bearings fitted on Both Ends 6312
05 Main Rotor speed 1700 RPM
06 Chipping dice 24″ 20mm thickness fitted with two heavy-duty Blades 2 Nos of size 245 mm L x 58 mm W x 8 mm Thickness
07 Specification of screen Sheet Size — 47 1/2″ (L) x 38 1/2″ (W) x 3 mm (Thickness) 12 mm & 15 mm Holes
08 Specification of Hammer Blades Flat 50 x 8 x 165 mm (L) (142 Nos)
09 The diameter of Drum & Length 25″ (OD) x 48″ (L)


We also manufacture products such as Agriculture Flash Air DryerHammer Mill Machine.

For more details regarding our products and services please contact us at +91 2827 252300, +91 96876 15656, +91 99133 77377, +91 87584 77377 or write us at info@ronakeng.com.

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