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May 22, 2019
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May 27, 2019
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Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill Manufacturer

Ronak Engineering offers high-performance hammer mills for optimum size reduction of raw material.  We are a leading Hammer Mill Manufacturer in India since 2003. The company exports its products in various countries in the world. Advanced technology and processing have improved the quality of the hammer mill. Decades of experience and highly qualified product specialists make us a strong partner in the supply of hammer mills for size reduction.

A Hammermill is a mill whose reason for existing is to shred or pound total material into littler pieces by the rehashed blows of little hammers. These machines have numerous sorts of utilizations in numerous industries. Wood hammer factory is invested with numerous focal points contrasted with different sorts of smashers, for example, huge decrease rate, high generation limit, even squashed impacts, low vitality utilization, and basic structure, and so forth. It tends to be utilized to smash hard, delicate and feebly destructive materials. In the wake of pulverizing, crude materials are uniform and with legitimate dampness substance to meet further handling.

It is prominent with numerous ventures and we suggest it also in the event that you are thinking about biomass industry speculation. Biomass fuel takes wood chips, wood sawdust, shelled nut stalks, and corn straws, etc as materials and wood hammer factories can squash these materials into 3 mm – 5 mm wood materials for Biomass Briquettes or Pellet use.


Crude materials for Hammer Mill

  • All kind of Wood Piece
  • Straw, Grass
  • Stalk
  • Tree Branches
  • Waste Cardboard
  • Bamboo
  • Corn Stalk
  • Peanut Shell
  • Wheat Stalk
  • Cotton Stalk
  • Biomass Shell
Production Capacity 1000 To 1250Kgs. Per Hr.
Size of Particles Dust (Less Than 10mm)
Power Requirement 40 HP Hammer Motor 25 HP
Blower Motor 10 HP
Conveyor Motor 2 HP
Air Valve Motor 2 HP
Screw Conveyor 10 Feet Material Handling with Gear Box Bend Cyclone
Foundation Stand Pulley and Belt Blower with Pipe

We also manufacture products such as Briquetting Plant, Crusher Cum, Flash Air Dryer.

For more details regarding our products and services please contact us at +91 2827 252300, +91 96876 15656, +91 99133 77377, +91 87584 77377 or write us at [email protected].


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