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July 5, 2019
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White Coal Machine Maker
July 10, 2019
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Flash Air Dryer Maker

Ronak Engineering is a leading Flash Air Dryer Maker in Gujarat. The company exports its products to various countries in the world. Advanced technology and processing have improved the quality of the hammer mill.

Review of Flasher Air Dryer

The sawdust streak dryer is another sort structure of biomass material drying gear comprehensively used in the Wood Briquette Plant assembling plant. Know as pipe dryer, it is a fair choice for solid unrefined material which has incredible flowability. The sensible biomass material soddenness content for making Wood Briquette and Biomass Briquettes is 8%-17%. This capable wood dryer can process material with a basic sogginess content underneath half.

Structure and Working Principle

The whole wood drying machine, generally, contains a hot breeze stove, material feeder, drying channel, passing on the brutal breeze, twister separator, and controlling system. Right, when the sawdust experiences the pipeline, the wet moistness will be ousted from the material and the dried sawdust is discharged from the fierce breeze separator. This drying machine gets on numerous occasions a stream warming system, invigorating the glow and mass conversion scale, material soddenness at half can be dried into the essence of making wood briquettes at one time, massively save the work. We have two sorts of sawdust dryer for the customers to peruse.

Points of interest in Pipeline Drying Machine

  • Quick warmth stream speed, the material is completely blended, brilliant drying impact
  • The enormous force of drying, short drying time
  • Receive the sight-seeing jet self-preparing gadget, programmed sustaining
  • Huge limit, high warm proficiency, vitality proficient, and work sparing
  • Straightforward structure, little occupation territory, simple to introduce and fix


Machine Specification

Production Input Capacity 2200-2400 Kgs. Per/Hr. 1000-1200 Kgs. Per/Hr.
Production Output Capacity 1800 to 2000 Kgs. Per/Hr.
Depend On Moisture Content
800 to 1000 Kgs. Per/Hr.
Depend On Moisture Content
Production Cost Per Ton $ 8 USD to $ 10 USD $ 4 USD to $ 6 USD
Total Power Requirement 40 HP Consumption 30 HP Consumption


We also manufacture products such as briquetting PlantCrusher CumHammer Mill.

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