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Biomass Briquetting Plant
November 21, 2018
Ronak Engineering

Ronak Engineering

Ronak Engineering is a leading manufacturer and exporter of briquetting machine in India. We export briquetting machine and other relatable products in different countries all over world. Our advance technology and processing techniques have been improvised consecutively.

Ronak Engineering is focusing on saving the Natural Resources of Energy by preserving them for the next generation. For the Purpose we have developed Bio Mass Briquetting Plant which uses some of the waste and unused material to manufacture a new source of Energy. We name it White Coal which is pure replacement of Charcoal and Fire Wood and in the process we also clean the Earth by using waste products (Industrial as well as Agricultural).

We have a vision to achieve global leadership in providing value-added high quality solutions. Utilizing waste and convert it into valuable fuel, by combining technology expertise, domain skills, process focus and a commitment to long term client relationships.

Ronak Engineering was established in 2003 and since then we have been growing both technically and economically. Our area of distribution is worldwide. We have 25+ employees actively working with full dedication.

We have been associated in manufacturing of Briquetting machines for more than 10 years. We have well organised workshop according to quality standards for excellent quality of products.

We are housed with all the tools that are needed for manufacturing process including skilled staff with all the standarised manufacturing techniques. Our office team are too fully skilled with the technical information of the product that we manufacture.

We also provide training facility to our buyers of our products for effectively using the product they are opting for. We use standard parts for manufacturing process such as ELECON GEAR , FORGED EN 24 SHAFT etc. Our production line is regularly inspected for strict quality purpose.

We produce turnkey basis services. We provide one year after sales service and take care of our customers regularly.

We manufacture products such as Briquetting Plant, Crusher, Hammer Mill, Flash Air Dryer.

For more details regarding our products and services please contact us at +91 2827 252300, +91 96876 15656, +91 99133 77377, +91 87584 77377 or write us at

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