Biomass Briquette Machine Super 90 Manufacturer, White Coal Machine manufacturer and supplier in Rajkot, Jumbo 90 briquetting machine manufacturer in Rajkot
Biomass Briquette Machine Super 90 Manufacturer
April 1, 2019
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April 8, 2019
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White Coal making machine

Ronak Engineering is a well known White Coal making machine Manufacturer in Rajkot and are focusing on saving the Natural Resources of Energy by preserving them for the next generation. For the Purpose, we have developed Bio Mass Briquetting Plant which uses some of the waste and unused material to manufacture a new source of Energy.

We name it White Coal which is a pure replacement of Charcoal and Fire Wood and in the process, we also clean the Earth by using waste products (Industrial as well as Agricultural).

White Coal making machine aka Biomass Briquetting plant is the latest equipment in which all types of farming waste and built-up waste are renewed into hard cylindrical form logs using very sky-scraping automatic pressure not including the help of any chemical and element. It can frankly be new as nonpredictable fuel.

Briquetting plant protects natural cuts toxic waste and saves valuable foreign switch over, also avoid the mistreatment of farming waste and useful to farmers of search out wealth out of their farming waste and get good income by setting up Briquetting plant. Now in India, binderless equipment is the majority well-liked and winning which we have on hand.

Timber is a usual creation which extremely firmed as a briquette approximately takes on the flaming behavior of energy. Owning to their grand thickness timber briquettes has superior high energy worth than the same number of the fuel. It used instead of petroleum or wood in family hard energy stoves as well as in manufacturing furnace.

Advantages of this form of fuel

  • Consistent Quality
  • Economic to users compared to other forms.
  • High calorific value ranges between 3500 – 5000k Cal./kg.
  • No pollution since it does not emit any sulfur of phosphorous fumes & there is no need for expensive pollution control equipment.
  • Easy in handling and storage due to its size.
  • Moisture percentage is very less 2 – 5 % compared to lignite, fire-wood & coal where it is 25-30 %

Technical Details of  Biomass Briquetting Machine (Jumbo – 90)

Model “JUMBO – 90″
Type Crank Type
Stock 200 mm
R. P. M. 230
Total Power Requirement 91 HP.
Production Capacity (+ 20% Depending on Density and Quality of Raw Material) 1000-1500 Kg/Hr.
Finished Products Size 90 mm Dia
Finished Product Shape Cylindrical
Finished Product Length 6″ to 12″
Raw Material Form Up to 25mm Size can be Used Directly

We also manufacture products such as Crusher, Hammer Mill, Flash Air Dryer.

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