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Briquetting Plant | Briquetting Machine
September 27, 2021
Biomass Briquettes, Briquetting Plant in India
What are Biomass Briquettes & It’s Advantages
October 11, 2021
Briquetting Machine, Briquetting Project


A Briquette is a biofuel made by compacting flammable biomass material into squares of suitable sizes to be utilized as fuel. 

Biomass briquettes can be produced from renewable and easily usable materials, and their creation should result in a reduced ecological effect when contrasted with conventional fills. 

Briquettes today are broadly utilized as an elective fuel for Coal, Wood, Charcoal, Wood Pellets and boiler oil.


Process of Briquetting

Briquettes are basically made by pressing and compacting ranger service, agricultural or manufacturing beginning crude material. Natural compaction of the crude material is accomplished by pressing at high pressure, which builds an increment in temperatures leading to a Bakelized surface, which gives a reflexive appearance and consistency to the briquettes. explore Heavy Duty Wood Crusher Cum Machine Manufacture

The Briquetting process includes the following steps…..


  • milling
  •  drying   
  •  briquetting

When lignocellulosic materials are utilized, high temperatures obtained during the compressing stage produce a lowering of the lignin, which acts as a binding substance once it chills down and solidifies, thus not requiring some other compacting added substances. All things acquired by briquette need consistency and fall to pieces, normally added additives can be utilized.

Contingent upon the outlet of the briquetting machines, briquettes can have various geometries, yet the most common ones are cylindrical and colorful.

Briquettes made of charcoal get a darker shading, which can be blanched utilizing lime or different parts.


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Advantages Of Briquetting


  • Decrease in volume 
  • Saves space, time and expenses for handling, capacity and transport 
  • Lower removal costs 
  • Lower staff costs 
  • Higher profits from the offer of briquettes 
  • Recuperation of costly cooling ointments when briquetting metal and aluminum chips 
  • Higher smelting yield 
  • Defined characteristics 
  • Purity in the work environment


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